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The SS South Steyne is a former Manly ferry on Sydney Harbour. She was the world’s largest steam-powered passenger ferry and operated on the service from 1938 to 1974. The South Steyne Ferry is AUSTRALIA’S ONLY HERITAGE LISTED steam ferry built in Leith, Scotland and probably in the whole world.

The South Steyne was designed by Walter Leslie Dendy and John Ashcroft and built from 1937 to 1938 by Henry Robb Ltd. of Scotland. Restored in the 1980s, she served as a restaurant ship in Newcastle in the 1990s, and in 2000 was moved back to Sydney and open to the public at Darling Harbour.

Since April 2016 she has been at Berrys Bay, Sydney. She was added to the New South Wales State Heritage Register on 2 April 1999.

Our MANLY FERRY VINTAGE 3-poster set comes to you straight from the South Steyne’s journey. These posters were made for promotional purposes during the South Steyne’s renaissance in the 80s and 90s and have literally sailed the oceans with her. Thus, they truly are a unique and authentic piece of her history.

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In the 3-poster set, you will receive:

Art Deco Reproduction Travel Poster South Steyne, Manly, Sydney Harbour© A2 size: Dimensions: 50cm (width) x 75cm (length) $24.95 or 3 posters for $49.95 ON SALE NOW!

Art Deco Travel Reproduction Poster $24.95 ON SALE NOW!


Seven Miles from Sydney a Thousand Miles from Care Australian Maritime Heritage & History of The Manly Ferries 1900-1960© A2 size: Dimensions: 50cm (width) x 75cm (length) $24.95 each or 3 posters for $49.95.

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SS South Steyne Maiden Voyage to Manly on Sydney Harbour,1938© b&w print A3 size: 60X45cm $24.95 or 3 posters for $49.95

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