Henri Quin, “PSYDNEY” including his ‘Manly Series’ from 1987
The Northern Beaches has always had its fair share of TALENT and we have a growing number of local artists sharing their local art in Lost Manly. So every now and then we like to put on a virtual ‘Art Exhibition’, showcasing all this rich talent! And who knows, one day we might even put on our very own ‘Lost Manly and the Northern Beaches Art Expo! Starting with this vibrant and colourful collection from 1987, is the very talented and native artist, Henri Quin, who painted this series, titled “Psydney 1987”. This series is so colourful and vibrant, dare I say HAPPY, yet imbued with a certain melancholic symbolism after the passing of his dear mother that was the inspiration behind these paintings after years in Europe.  Henri spent his early years living the true artistic bohemian lifestyle, with time spent in the ‘hippy huts’ at Dobroyd Head, then drifted to a Mediterranean Island called Formentera, where he lived for many years like Robinson Crusoe, then following his heart to Europe where he ‘settled down’ (if an artist ever truly does), got married, raised a family, and spent the next 30 years working at a job he ‘despised’ to hold onto a slice of his beloved Manly.  I just love his collection and now Henri is retired, let’s hope he picks up his brush once more. Contact us if you would like a print of any of Henri’s work. We can print postcards and posters.