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Crazy Catz!

Ok so this is a moan session as an advocate for cats everywhere…..I have had a recent episode where i have spent NOK1600 thats about AUD300 in australian and a bit more in american dollars on desexing and shaving somebody else’s pussy….yes indeed lordy lord. Tis not as gross as it seems (if you have a dirty mind). There was this little ginger puss that hang around my house and his fur was so matted and shabby he looked homeless. Not only that but he was always hungry then made his way inside my house and snuggled there a good number of nights then would go again. That was fine by me, even though it was in the harsh norwegian winters so i was always worried about his welfare if he was homeless which i thought he was. So one day when i saw someone had tried to shave his back, i got worried and so i took him in to protect him from any further abuse, and then i saw him plucking out his own fur because it was such an irritation for him. I felt I needed to take action so I put him into my cat box and made a vet appointment for him. I had him both shaved so he looks like a lion and desexed as all responsible cat owners should do unless they are breeders. (Here is where my lament comes in to the norwegian government but later). So thinking I’ve done the right thing by the cat, I bring him home and take care of him for the next few days…then when the sun shines I let him out and he comes and goes as he pleases, as cats do, but returning in the evening….then one day he goes and doesnt return so i start to worry. After three wet nights I put up a notice at the local Kiwi supermarket in search of my little friend that I have now named ginger megs due to his colour and cheeky disposition. Within hours I get a call and after a few words exchanged am rudely hung up on. I took great offense at that as I had been nothing but kind and caring to their little furry rodent and had spent Vet money which they should have done but I guess as some people do, when they are in the wrong and know it but don’t have any humility to admit it, they just ignore and avoid you as if to make you feel like you have done something wrong. This has followed with several text messages back and forth which have been amicable but i have made the point that they should put a collar on their cat as well as getting it microchipped and had they done it earlier as well as desexing it, we could have avoided this problem which has cost me NOK 1600 without even a word of thanks… much for gratitude….Do i send them the bill? Well no, I don’t want trouble but nor do I think I have any legal right to do so…but it has prompted me to write to the government to stop burying their heads in the sand and do something about the lack of cat laws in this country. Ok, enough said! (for now)

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