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Lover of my soul

I’ve been getting into, or going back to….Song of Solomon these past few weeks as a way of getting back to my ‘first love’ fellowship I had with the lover of my soul. Today I was greatly blessed when reading it upon my bed, with my iphone bible app, using the message bible version.  It gives a more contemporary feel like a present day conversation, thus bringing the relationship to life in a way that you just don’t get with say, King James english.   There was a little discrepency between the translations of who said what where….as the message version made me question when the lover, ie the man said “my lover there HE stands, so I got out my old heavy hardcopy of the Life Application Study bible NIV version and saw in that, it was the man/lover speaking to his beloved /the woman… just throught I’d throw that in for good measure…..  I was greatly touched and wanted to share it with you this day. I hope it blesses you too.

The woman/beloved

I’m just a wildflower picked from the plains of Sharon, a lotus blossom from the valley pools. (Song of Solomon 2:1 MSG)

The man/lover

A lotus blossoming in a swamp of weeds-that’s my dear friend among the girls in the village. (Song of Solomon 2:2 MSG)

The woman/beloved

As an apricot tree stands out in the forest, my lover stands above the young men in town. All I want is to sit in his shade, to taste and savor his delicious love. He took me home with him for a festive meal, but his eyes feasted on me! Oh! Give me something refreshing to eat-and quickly! Apricots, raisins-anything. I’m about to faint with love! His left hand cradles my head, and his right arm encircles my waist! Oh, let me warn you, sisters in Jerusalem, by the gazelles, yes, by all the wild deer: Don’t excite love, don’t stir it up, until the time is ripe-and you’re ready. (Song of Solomon 2:3-7 MSG)

Look! Listen! There’s my lover! Do you see him coming? Vaulting the mountains, leaping the hills. My lover is like a gazelle, graceful; like a young stag, virile. Look at him there, on tiptoe at the gate, all ears, all eyes-ready! (Song of Solomon 2:8, 9 MSG)

My lover has arrived and he’s speaking to me! Get up, my dear friend, fair and beautiful lover-come to me! Look around you: Winter is over; the winter rains are over, gone! Spring flowers are in blossom all over. The whole world’s a choir-and singing! Spring warblers are filling the forest with sweet arpeggios. Lilacs are exuberantly purple and perfumed, and cherry trees fragrant with blossoms. Oh, get up, dear friend, my fair and beautiful lover-come to me!

The man/lover

Come, my shy and modest dove-leave your seclusion, come out in the open. Let me see your face, let me hear your voice. For your voice is soothing and your face is ravishing. Then you must protect me from the foxes, foxes on the prowl, Foxes who would like nothing better than to get into our flowering garden.

The woman/beloved

My lover is mine, and I am his. Nightly he strolls in our garden, Delighting in the flowers until dawn breathes its light and night slips away. Turn to me, dear lover. Come like a gazelle. Leap like a wild stag on delectable mountains! ♥ (Song of Solomon 2:10-17 MSG) ♥

I’ll leave it here for now…..I could go on with it. I can get lost in the book of Solomon’s songs. For a fantastic expose check out Mike Bickle’s online free resource library or mp3s on the Song of Solomon’s. It’s 20 cds long but its awesome:

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